WIRED Health: Drone technology revolutionises aid delivery

From the future of gene therapy to tales of medical research in the depths of the Antarctic, this year’s Wired Health conference brought together some of the world’s most exciting medical innovations.

The event, held this week at the Royal College of General Practitioners in London, saw speakers from across the world take to the stage to reveal the very latest in healthcare, new therapies and the future of medicine.

Cutting edge tools and VR experiences were on display as part of the event’s exhibition area including a model of the latest in aid delivery.

The Pouncer is a drone developed by Windhorse Aerospace and designed to carry up to 50kg of food, water or aid to war and disaster zones with a location accuracy of just seven metres.

The team behind the drone is looking to develop a film cover made up of properties similar to those in an energy drink. Designed to provide instant sustenance to those in need – particularly if they haven’t eaten for several days and are unable to digest solid food immediately.

The drone’s wooden frame can be burned to create a fire for cooking and warmth and the shell can be used as a makeshift shelter.

At a cost of under £500 per drone – significantly less than sending in a parachute – the hope is that this will spell the future for aid relief in hard to reach and war torn environments.