Fast-changing technology makes future unpredictable

WIRED’s incoming editor Greg Williams shares his thoughts on the future, which fast-changing technology makes increasingly difficult to predict. Emily Wright reports.

Predicting the future is now harder than ever because of “the current pace of technological change”, according to WIRED magazine’s incoming editor Greg Williams.

He added that the driving force behind such rapid change was, in part, the fact that the development of technology is no longer incremental.

He said: “If you look at the way technology has advanced over the last thousand years it has been quite linear and incremental. It is no longer linear. It is exponential. It means the curve is incredibly steep and the change is incredibly quick.”

Speaking exclusively to The Tomorrow Fair, Williams added that the speed of change would only get faster in terms of “pretty much everything we do in every sphere of our lives” to the point where none of us are in a position to fully understand what our future might hold.

Greg Williams will appear at the debut Tomorrow Talks on 19 January. Find out more.

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