As technology repeatedly reinvents our world, turning the unimaginable into the indispensable overnight, the right choices become harder to make

Created in 2016 the Tomorrow Platforms are a suite of diverse and dynamic events designed to fully explore just how innovation will dramatically change every aspect of our lives just over the horizon.

Each year the showpiece gathering will be The Tomorrow Fair, which will help us find the future by bringing the very best of imminent innovation under one roof to touch, to try and to test – with the inaugural fair set to take place in September 2017 at London’s Saatchi Gallery.

From AI and robotics to biotech and 3D printing, visitors from both the trade and consumer worlds will be able to discover first hand what tomorrow has in store for how we live, work, play and travel.

As a more intimate and regular satellite to the Fair we have created The Tomorrow Talks, the first of which launches in January at London’s new and much lauded Design Museum.

This series of themed exclusive speaker events – each featuring a sprinkling of hands on tech demos – will bring together leading thinkers in technological transformation sectors who will share their vision and insights of what the near future holds in store.

The third of our platforms is the Tomorrow Talent innovation zone, which will fund and mentor new ideas, applications and collaborations across the entire innovation sphere.

Starting in London in 2017 the entire Tomorrow platform suite  – supported by Tomorrow TV where we all of our events and news will be streamed – will move to the planet’s hottest technology hubs with Berlin, Lisbon, Hong Kong and then Dubai the first destinations to have been put in the diary.

Finding the future just became possible.

The Tomorrow Fair isn’t the place for presentations, flow charts and theories – if you can’t touch, try or test, it won’t be there

Championed by Sir John Beckwith of Pacific Investments and managed by MD Doug Rogers, The Tomorrow Fair is run by an experienced and passionate team including its co-founder and Sales & Sponsorship Director Rachel Butterworth.

We are also fortunate enough to be supported by a prestigious advisory panel made up of industry experts from the worlds of futures, technologies, digital, medicine, climate, economy and real estate.

The events will cover every aspect of our personal existence from health and wellbeing to leisure and travel as well as the wider world around us be that business, education or finance – and across them all will be imminent game changing innovations ready to be used.

This customised, experimental and utterly unique interactive experience will engage and excite visitors and enable them to truly find their future.

Sir John Beckwith, Pacific Investments

I’m excited and proud to be supporting The Tomorrow Fair – a truly unique event which will allow consumers and corporate folk alike to touch, try and test the most astounding and life changing innovations just over the horizon.

Embracing the future is essential in every area of our lives today, but with change moving at extreme pace it is all too easy to feel that understanding what’s next is for someone else.

The Tomorrow Fair exists to remedy that by bringing the best of the near future under one roof for people to physically interact and engage with so they can find their future – there really is nothing else like it.


Doug Rogers

Managing Director

With AI creeping into our everyday lives, we are told that machines will make many jobs redundant, changing the economics of the job market.  At the same time, futurologists are telling us our quality of life will be much better. So society earns less but as a whole we are better off?  The economics surrounding the future is fascinating but daunting all the same.


Rachel Butterworth

Sales & Sponsorship Director & Co-Founder

I’m fascinated about the forever innovating future of the Fashion Industry and how it is adapting to change. Especially where technology and fashion merge to promote sustainability.


Camilla Barker

Fair Director

I’m particularly passionate about tech and innovation that helps reduce waste and generate renewable forms of energy. Anything that powers the future and protects the planet wins my vote every time!


Emily Wright

Editorial Director

I am interested in how the way we live, work, play and interact in the future will impact on how we behave and how we connect (in the real world) to each other. Basically how we harness technology and change without losing our human connections.

Janie Stamford BW

Janie Manzoori-Stamford

Digital Director

The continual evolution of the way in which we communicate fascinates me. Technology and innovation have reshaped the way humans interact immeasurably in the last 20 years and it is exciting to see what comes next.


Sarah Woods

Marketing Director

I find the whole area of 3D printing absolutely fascinating – to be able to completely re produce any item – whether it be a human organ or a three course meal – is mind blowing and will no doubt change every area of society beyond belief!

Mark Woods

Mark Woods

Social Director

Aside from a broad interest in all things tech, I am particularly interested in AI, biotech and energy.

Miriam Christie BW

Miriam Christie

PR Consultant

I am fascinated by the way technology is changing the fabric of our everyday lives. By looking at how we can master technology, rather than becoming a slave to its advances, we have an unprecedented opportunity to improve the quality of people’s lives worldwide.

Richard Tierney

Richard Tierney

Programme Director

These are exciting times. The rate of change is itself increasing. Technology improvements will bring real societal changes, which will benefit everyone.

Dr. Chlump Chatkupt

AI Consultant

What drives me are the prospect of discovering the fundamental structures and underlying dynamics of our world and the potential to cultivate the future that we want.


Andrew Grill


I’m passionate about how technology will drive new ways of working, and how digital disruption can be a driving force for change around the world.